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Premium Range (Osafe)

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  • Ebrit A3 View Detail MCB
      • Range : 0.5Amp - 63Amp in SP, SPN, DP, TP, TPN, FP
      • Specification : IS/IEC-60898-1
      • Rated Voltage : 240/415V AC, 50Hz
      • Rated Breaking capacity 10kA & Energy Limit Class 3
  • Ebrit A3 View Detail MCB Changeover
      • Conforms to IS/IEC : 60947-3
      • Choice of Two Pole & Four Pole versions
      • Front operation with three stable positions I-0-II
      • Off at middle position
  • Ebrit A3 View Detail Isolator
      • Available in single Break & Double Break
      • Contact position indicator red / green
      • Secure terminal connection
      • 3-position DIN rail clip, permits removal from existing busbar system
  • Ebrit A3 View Detail RCCB
      • Range: 25-80Amp, 2 Pole & 4 Pole Version
      • Sensitivity: 30mA, 100mA, 300mA
      • Conforms to IEC / EN: 61008 & IS:12640
      • Dedicated earth leakage protection
  • Ebrit A3 View Detail RCBO
      • Range 6Amp-63Amp, 240/415V AC
      • Available in SP+N, 2P(4 Mod.), 4P(8 Mod.)
      • Rated Residual Current 30mA, 100mA, 300 mA
      • Rated Short Circuit Capacity 10kA
  • Ebrit A3 View Detail Distribution Board
      • Available in SPN and TPN versions
      • Compact and aesthetically designed to meet the requirement of high-end customer
      • Intelligently designed to provide the maximum space for wiring of Dbs
      • Mounting of MCBs on Height adjustable DIN Channel